The Naan Bread Saga

I have had many many problems with naan bread (not least because I have to sing the first verse of ‘Here Comes the Hotstepper‘ every time I make it). For over a year now I’ve been trying all sorts of naan recipe and they’ve had varying degrees of success. Mainly clustered around the ‘unsuccessful’ end of the spectrum. Whether thin and hard or flabby and doughy they were all disappointing and I began to wonder, “just how do you make naan bread?”.

Through much tinkering and many failures I have come up with two versions that seem to work in my oven – the baked naan isn’t quite as spectacular as the grilled naan but it is a bit easier to make.
First is a baked naan recipe, which you cook in a moderate oven.
PROS: dough is easy to make without a mixer; you can cook more than one at a time; good to freeze.
CONS: don’t get the large air bubbles & associated crispiness.

Second is a grilled naan recipe, which you first dry fry on the hottest hob and then finish off under the blazing grill.
PROS: brilliant texture, with crispy risen bubbles and thick spongy edges
CONS: can only cook one at a time; sticky dough which is difficult to make without a mixer; need a very hot stove & grill (so preferably gas).

One response to “The Naan Bread Saga

  1. Hannah December 2, 2009 at 10:40 am

    Mmmmmm! I bought coconut milk yesterday ready to make a korma… I may just have to have a try at one of these. Thank you!

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