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Sunshine Fluffy Eggs

sunshine fluffy eggs egg recipe souffle

This is my mum’s speciality, and when I went home this Christmas I got the definitive recipe and history of the Sunshine Fluffy Egg. Apparently, my mum always cooked them for my dad when they had very little money but then they were just called Sunshine Eggs. She said I added the ‘Fluffy’ in at a later stage (just as I stole and renamed her childhood teddy to ‘Old Bear’). She’s adamant she never learnt it from her granny (who looked after her) so where these come from is a mystery. I’ve searched the internet and can’t find any other egg quite the same as the way this is done. Maybe someone out there also knows this type of egg?

How to make it

Toast a slice of bread. Separate the egg white from the yolk and beat the white to stiff peaks. Scoop the white onto the toast, make a little hole in the middle and pop the yolk into it (not too deep, it should be near the surface and not buried). Grate some cheese over the whole thing and stick it in the middle of a medium-hot grill. It’s ready when the cheese is all melted and crispy (as picture).

When you cut into it the white is cooked but puffy, like a souffle, and the yolk is runny. Tasting one takes me back to Sunday teatimes (other Sunday teatime fare includes: Welsh rarebit, sardines on toast, crumpets – are you also seeing a grilled theme? – Battenburg cake, shortbread and cress).