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Rainbow Birthday Fruit Salad

I’m having a lovely day, which The Little Medic has given a rainbow theme (due to my obsessive love for them) and it started with my birthday breakfast. I couldn’t not take a picture. What a star he is!

Lamb, Pea Shoot and Mint Salad

I read in one of my cookery books that lamb, peas and mint is a classic combination. When I saw pea shoots at the supermarket, I immediately thought of a small piece of lamb in the freezer and the mint I’ve been growing in a pot on the windowsill.

With TLM revising hard for his finals, there was only me to feed at lunchtime. I popped the pea shoots and some cucumber on a plate, mixed up some garlic, chillis, fresh chopped mint and a dash of wine vinegar together and then flash fried the lamb.

It made a very nice combination. I think it would work really nicely with chives rather than garlic, but I only got the seeds yesterday so that’s out of the question! Might go for a drizzle of olive oil next time too… (but was trying to be good today)

Rainbow Salad

I do love rainbows. I was chopping up some salad for a nibbly dinner (to have with chicken and bread) and I couldn’t resist doing this:

Rainbow Salad
Very yummy it was too, and some extra for tomorrow’s lunch box.