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Thai Green Pea Green Curry

After a week of picnics, barbeques and celebratory dinners we were 1) very full and 2) left with only a packet of pea shoots in the fridge. It was 8:30 pm by the time we realised we were hungry, and on a Sunday there’s not a lot you can do to remedy the situation. What with Glastonbury coming up, we predicted being sick with take away very shortly so we really wanted something homemade. I posted about our trip to Thailand in the afternoon and after a quick look in the kitchen I realised I could make up the basic curry (had all the ingredients in – as an easy storecupboard meal) and add pea shoots and frozen peas and frozen soya beans.

I couldn’t be bothered with rice, so we used noodles. This worked remarkably well and we were fed by 9pm. Woop!

Pea Shoot Pesto

Whizzed this up today: pea shoots, chives, pine nuts, parmaggiano reggiano and a slug of olive oil. This was less successful than the previous experiments, not because it didn’t taste good but because I’m so indoctrinated by basil pesto. I really liked the fresh flavour, and it certainly did taste of the hedgerow/field (not in a bad way!) but I think it would be better paired with something more robust like a good piece of fish. I’ll be freezing the rest (hope that’s possible…) and taking it out when we have fish, or maybe stuffed in a chicken breast with some sundried tomatoes? Hmmm…

Pea Shoot and Feta Bureks

With the advent of my pea shoot delivery and a craving for Feta cheese, these little delights were born. My first thought was to combine the two in a spanakopita (a Greek spinach and cheese pie). After reading up, one of the big problems with spanakopita is that that spinach can be too moist, so the pea shoot would fare well I thought. I didn’t want to make a whole pie though, I wanted singular nibbles. After a bit of exploration, I found out (from wikipedia, so not really mich exploration actually…) that “Burek is a type of pie popular throughout the former Ottoman Empire. They are made of a thin flaky dough known as filo, and are filled with salty cheese (often Feta), minced meat, potatoes or other vegetables.” So I’m calling these bureks.

As a complete amateur cook, I’ve no idea if my concotion is hideously inauthentic but the mix smelt GOOD before it was wrapped in filo, and then DELICIOUS when they came out of the oven.

The mix is made from pea shoots, fresh parsley, sping onion and garlic which is cooked up to soften. Then I added an egg and crumbled in the Feta and stirring through.

I’ve never cooked with filo pastry before, so the experiment got a bit tricky at this point. I layered up three slices (?) of filo, sliced it into strips and then added a dollop of filling before folding it along the length of the strip into triangles. I brushed the pastry with olive oil, crossed my fingers, and put them in the oven at 175 Celsius for 25 minutes.

They turned out very well, and even TLM who doesn’t go in for pastry or fancy cheese scoffed happily. Long live experiments!

Rootin’ Tootin’ Pea Shootin’ Parcel

After I blogged about a new salad leaf/vegetable I found in the shops, the people who distribute them contacted me and asked if I’d like to do some kitchen experiments. Of course, I jumped at the chance and this morning my very own refrigerated and lovingly packed polystyrene chest of pea shoots arrived. I was just heading out of the door to work, so I was lucky to get them!

Inside the parcel were six packets of pea shoots. I’ve already made a pea shoot and bacon soup, and a pea shoot, mint and lamb salad so it was on with my thinking cap. I rustled up some pea shoot and Feta bureks today. My other ideas are an English hedgerow pesto over pasta, a pea shoot and asparagus flan, pea shoot kimchi, and fish with pea shoots and a whizzed up pea shoot and coconut sauce (we had similar in Solomon Islands with watercress). Any ideas welcome! They’re tasty and can be used as a salad leaf, and in the place of things like spinach or watercress – a baby leaf, basically.

Bacon and Pea Shoot Soup
Lamb, Mint and Pea Shoot Salad
Pea Shoot and Feta Burek
Pea Shoot Pesto
Thai Green Pea Green Curry

Pea Shoot and Bacon Soup

When I had peashoots the other week, the back of the packet said it made a very nice soup with bacon. So I had a go, and this made for a summery version of pea and ham soup.

To make the soup for two, I used four shallots, two rashers of bacon, a packet of pea shoots, ham stock from the freezer and salt and pepper. I cooked the shallots and bacon, added the stock and seasoning and let it simmer for a while before adding the peashoots at the last minute.

I whizzed the lot up (this was very difficult as the peashoots were determined to escape) and it made this pleasuringly lurid soup. It was tasty, and I think I will cook it again as long as the peashoots are in the shop.

I kept some shoots and bacon aside as a garnish, but unfortunately it sunk as the soup was thinner in consistency than my soups usually end up!

Lamb, Pea Shoot and Mint Salad

I read in one of my cookery books that lamb, peas and mint is a classic combination. When I saw pea shoots at the supermarket, I immediately thought of a small piece of lamb in the freezer and the mint I’ve been growing in a pot on the windowsill.

With TLM revising hard for his finals, there was only me to feed at lunchtime. I popped the pea shoots and some cucumber on a plate, mixed up some garlic, chillis, fresh chopped mint and a dash of wine vinegar together and then flash fried the lamb.

It made a very nice combination. I think it would work really nicely with chives rather than garlic, but I only got the seeds yesterday so that’s out of the question! Might go for a drizzle of olive oil next time too… (but was trying to be good today)