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Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Pots with Hedgehog Potatoes

So far this week we’ve eaten very healthily (and keeping our resolution to eat fish at least once a week), but today we were both in need of some comfort food. I tried to think of something that felt like a real treat, but was still not that naughty. TLM got me a set of ramekins for Christmas and instructed me on Christmas day that he wanted food that was made in them (!) Quite the brief for this evening’s late late late late meal (TLM at surgery till late then at revision).

I chopped up two big flat mushrooms, half an onion and two lean bacon rashers (just the top oval bits) and fried them with thyme, salt and pepper. Once softened, I put about a tablespoon of double cream and stirred in to the released mushroomy juices. I immediately decanted the creamy mushrooms/ bacon/ onions into the ramekins and placed two more large flat mushrooms on the top to fit as a lid. I then grated a little cheese on the top. A blast under the grill and they were done.

The ‘hedgehog’ potatoes are really Ms. Lawson’s hasselback potatoes, but TLM re-names most of our food. They are made from baby potatoes (new or Charlotte) which you sit in a big-ish spoon and then slit by pushing your knife down onto the potato – the spoon stops you slicing all the way through the potato. You then put a little oil on them and bung them in at 200 celsius for an hour and a half. They’re easy to prepare as you don’t have to peel them and they’re difficult to burn (but I did manage once).

Scrummy – one of our new favourite suppers.