Cheltenham Food Festival

Today I went to the Cheltenham Food Festival and have returned with a bag of produce and a head full with ideas. I’m sure they will feature on here before too long! I’m currently rather whacked, so here are a few highlights:

1. Seeing last year’s Masterchef winner, Mat Folas, demonstrate his cooking. The best bit was when he told everyone to come and have a look (rather than remain hermetically sealed to the plastic chairs). The organisers were scurrying around, visibly stressed, while everyone tried the food and asked probing questions about basil, how to smoke things and what exactly was going on with Raymond Blanc.

There followed an incredibly teeny plate of food (his winning meal, I believe, of rabbit three ways – kidneys, loin and rack).

2. Being mesmerised by people with skills I can only hope to master. I watched while he filleted two fish.

3. Enjoying a ‘wine talk’ (I took notes) where the six wines sampled were given in rather generous portions. Because TLM was driving home I also availed myself of his after he niffed and sipped the wine.

It was a great day, sunny but not too hot, and has left me with lots of inspiration for both food and drink. Brilliant!

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