Croissants, by the light of the silvery moon

TLM has been working some extremely unsociable hours recently (two months down, two to go) and we often pass like ships in the night. We live in a perpetual time-delay, asking how the ‘day’ of work went some 18 hours after it happened. He arrives home after I’ve left for work and I wake him at 6pm as I return. We make the bed for each other, leaving the corner turned down and PJs for the other person folded up neatly (and, of course, Dr Cuddles who takes the place of the ‘spoonee‘). It’s only right when the bed is in near 24-hour use.

When he’s not working nights, he’s working all weekend as long days (7am-10pm) and so I am left to my own devices. For a while I spent some fantastically self-indulgent days sitting in the park, cycling, getting my hair cut, shopping, wedding-scheming… and then I decided to try new, labour-intensive recipes that are not possible when you have to think about other people.

So I made croissants, using the recipe from the new River Cottage Bread Book. Lordy. They were everything they promised to be (waiting for dough in large bin liners, pounding butter between cling film, endless rolling, precise isosceles-triangle cutting) and more. They tasted fantastic, and I was overwhelmed with pride that they actually looked like croissants. They were soft, moist, crackly and endlessly giving. One was filling enough (TLM usually eats three, and a few pain au chocolat to boot). They really rewarded the effort that went into them.

Will I be bothered to do them again? Probably not. I just don’t see how so much attention can be lavished on any meal, let alone a breakfast pastry. Also, I’m clearly terrible at cutting them as I had about 200g of wasted pastry (this I cannot tolerate) and so it’s probably more economical to buy them. But to have a croissant with substance was a pleasing change. And they did work lovely as a 7pm dinner/breakfast for me/him.

2 responses to “Croissants, by the light of the silvery moon

  1. missbliss June 19, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    Ain’t you lovely! I might cook things that take dedication and perseverance, but I never cook anything that takes any skill.

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