The chicken that keeps on giving

A classic way of being frugal – I wrote a poem at primary school that went along the lines of ‘I hate Mondays/Let me tell you why/I have to wash the dishes/after eating chicken pie/Again’. So my mum was up to the trick of making a chicken last seemingly forever. So last week I did the same:

  • SUNDAY I roasted the chicken, with a whole head of garlic a lemon and some sprigs of thyme. We had one of the breasts for our roastie dinner – it’s easy to eat more for no reason when you’ve got all those trimmings to fill you up!

I then covered the chicken in cling film and let it go cold so I could dismantle it properly.

  • Sandwiches for the week were made from the other breast, thinly sliced.
  • Chicken Pie (enough for two meals – frozen after the first meal) was made from the ‘under breast’ (I don’t know what it’s real name is!) and some of the thinner bits of leg to make the filling. I used the left over gravy and a leek to make the filling, and it was surprisingly good.
  • Carbonara sauce for pasta was made with the final scrappy ends of the breast, to which I added some mushrooms and sliced bacon. Just enough to keep it interesting. (I had leftovers for lunch)
  • Chicken Stir-fry was a bit of an experiment, and it worked! We had been to Yo Sushi before christmas I noticed they used what appeared to be already cooked chicken thigh in one of their salads. To replicate it at home, I broke the legs up into fairly hefty chunks, put them in a bowl with a fair swig of: soy sauce, sesame oil, a large grating of ginger, lime juice, some rice vinegar and a dash or mirin. I left them to marinate overnight and sat them on top of stir-fried vegetable and noodles the next evening – very tasty!

All in all, not a bad outcome! The little hearts on the chicken pie are inspired by another of my mum’s tricks – using a little quirk to make the food more interesting. She always drew little faces in pencil onto boiled eggs 🙂

One response to “The chicken that keeps on giving

  1. Su-Lin February 1, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    You can also boil the bones to make stock; then there’s soup for another day!

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