Chocolate Crispy Cakes

It seems a bit ridiculous to have a recipe for chocolate crispy cakes, so this is just a series of reminders.

1) If you are adding milk chocolate, you need to add twice as much dark as milk or it will seize up and not be nice and glossy.

2) Add a big hunk of butter and a slosh of milk to achieve the right consistency (slick and glossy and easy to stir) and stop the cakes being impossible to bite into.

3) Always melt the chocolate over water (whether on the stove or in the microwave).

4) There is nearly always room for some more Rice Crispies/Cornflakes, but try not to stretch the chocolate too far.

Last year I used cornflakes and made a totally plain chocolate crispie cake, as they were all for adults (and got eaten quickly). This year I was looking after my brother’s four children (all on my own!) and the oldest three (11, 7 and 5) and I used rice crispies and milk chocolate. We used up 2 bars dark, 1 bar milk (they were apprehensive about the dark chocolate… hehe), 1/3 pack of butter and slosh of milk, half a box of cereal. It was so much fun, so messy and just brilliant!

After melting the chocolate (carefully…) it’s time to stir in the rice crispies.

Then a tray each, spooning into the cases and then decorating with mini eggs and a tub of pink glittery sprinkles!
Then the eating – messy, but delicious!

2 responses to “Chocolate Crispy Cakes

  1. Nilmandra March 30, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    LOL we had so much of them over Easter. Every house we went to seemed to have made them!

  2. Hannah March 25, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    I love making crispy cakes. The munchkin and I made a batch yesterday. The challenge was stopping her taking the mixing spoon and sucking off as much chocolate as she could! we used just milk chocolate and it worked well, I may have to try the dark idea next time though!

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