Christmas: Take One

I made Christmas lunch for 6 on Sunday and it was uh-may-zing. It was so lovely to see everyone, I remained ridiculously calm and because I’d prepared so much stuff beforehand I was able to drink and talk (I hate missing the fun due to being in the kitchen). The day before the dinner I went shopping and saw some little Lindt reindeer (heavily reduced) and couldn’t resist buying 6 to make into place cards. I think you’ll agree they look LOVELY! Everyone resisted scoffing them after the starter (rocket, prawns in pink peppercorn sauce with lemon), was very impressed.

Everything came out miraculously on target (though there were two disasters: one parsip disaster which mean TLM had to go and get some more, and one where the mini xmas puds boiled over and made my pan all black – TLM again stepped in to scrub). One of my friends was the turkey consult, so we wrangled the turkey crown about to get the bottom end done. She also, spectacularly, kept sneaking into the teeny kitchen and washing up behind me (and washed up at the end with her brother!).

The end result was fab! I’d only ever cooked Christmas dinner last year – for two – but we had a LOT of different veg that time:

One of the lads even said that this year’s offering was better than his mum’s (I did a secret victory dance in my head). For next time: note to self, even allowing 7 potatoes per person means they’re all gone during firsts! Same goes for a litre and a half of gravy!

The potatoes that were scoffed immediately. They’re not as perfect as last year, alas, but still roused an “omg-they-look-just-like-the-M&S-ones”.

So we ate, then we played games and were merry. Hooray! I am looking forward to being catered for on the real day though!

edit: I forgot the mention pudding! I always make xmas pud, and so this year I made the big one to take home and they I put a few spoonfuls of mixture into individual bowls (tiny ones I used to mix up spices in) and I brought out the mini xmas puds as a surprise at the end of dinner.

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